In House Artificial Intelligence Modules Started 1982 with the emergence

Of Mini Computers up to top Java and Oracle Platforms

Artificial Intelligence Based Software is making it possible


              We Owns and Operates a supercomputer setup for optimal
speed and stability,which has the ability to multi-task and compute
algorithms at speeds much faster than single conventional systems.
We are extremely vigilant and strictly adhere to, and continuously
strive to surpass various security standards, including to but not
limited to:
              -Contingency Plan/Off-Site Data Recovery/Business Continuity Plan
              -Physical Safeguards
              -Technical Safeguards
              -Data Management Systems
              -Various User Interface Systems

                                          SECURITY IS PARAMOUNT
              -All Data Communications, transfers and hosting are done utilizing
Oracle Products, known as the most robust and trusted in the industry.
              -All networks are protected by the latest firewall technologies.
              -The data availability is secured by Sites Instant Replications, more
commonly known as site mirroring.


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