We Are not amateurs

we started with an advanced level of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Based Software is making it possible

                  It All Started in 1982 when Joseph Khalil started Flexible business systems Inc.
In 1982 FBS started with the first software developped with the C language Using HP3000 with MPE operating system FBS was the first company in south Florida to offer on line service. From basic accounting to piece work payroll to a general flexibility to any needs for the end users. The flexibility has always been the software will adapt to the user not the other way around The software base is the intelligence of one module for unlimited functions The same archtecture evolved with HP cobol,ACUCOBOL Mysql database, Acual latest Java technology. We cover Ocean and Air cargo transportation with automted manifests and sofisticated pricing systems. Trucking at large is covered. From the order of the transaction until the finacial end of process it is completely integrated system including all kind of analysis

      Joseph background is in:

            - A Phd in Human Behavior (SORBONNE UNIVERSITY PARIS).

            - A Master in Finance (AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT).

            - A Master in Artificial Intelligence (PARIS DAUPHINE UNIVERSITY).



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